Storage Account Login Instructions

Storage Account Login Instructions

Account Creation and Access

● Click on the link below to go to the “Create an Account” page.
● For “Gate Access Code” enter your 4-digit gate access code, with a zero (0) in front.
● For “Unit Number” enter your Unit Number as it is shown on your lease. (There will be an extra couple of zeros and a letter rather than simply “F17”. Ex. “F0017C”)
● Enter your personal information, email address, choose a password, etc. Refer to the image below.
Direct Link to Create an Account

Storage Account Tools and Options

● View your account balance.
● Enable automatic payment by ACH electronic check, credit or debit card.
● Pay your current balance by ACH electronic check, credit or debit card.
● Pay current balance plus the next month.
● Pay current balance plus as many months as you choose.
● Save your card or ACH info for future payments.
● View payment history or Email the site manager.

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